Excel Budgeting & Financial Forecasting

Excel Budgeting & Financial Forecasting

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason. You can download these alternatives:

Our complete collection of our Budgeting and Forecasting Excel...

Our complete collection of our Budgeting and Forecasting Excel workbooks. Master Budgets 4. 6 helps you combine up to 10 department budgets quickly and easily and tracks actuals and variances.

Create separate 12 monthly budgets and Excel consolidates to a Year to Date summary tracking actuals vs budgets. Cash Flow Forecasting 2008. xls will convert any list of AR-AP accounts into a daily and calendar month cash flow forecast up to 150 days ahead from users starting date.

Import accounts payable and receivable into this Excel workbook from any accounting package and generate an instant 150 day cash flow forecast.

Manage slow payers and accounts payable more effectively with closer identification of cash flow forecasts. Everything is so easy with Excel. Excel links all your receivable and payable accounts together to provide a day by day and month by month cash flow summary.

If you need to calculate your cash burn each day for 150 days ahead use the extra CASH BURN budgeting & forecasting spreadsheet provided within this zip file.

New! Quick Budget Forecasting PRO. Excel is brilliant at consolidating actual transactions into separate fixed and variable cash flow categories, enabling quick monthly budget forecasts to be developed based on real actual results and trends.

This extra workbook helps you assign transactions to fixed and variable categories. Excel consolidates actual transaction data into monthly cash flow reports presented in fixed and variable categories.

The year to date report continually updates the 12 months Budget Forecast spreadsheet so that your forecasts are always current, based on latest results.